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Prescription Drugs, Beauty Products, Alcohol… the list of products that are making their way into the fast delivery segment continues to grows.

So why these types of product categories?

It’s simple really. The margins are just way much better then say for typical food staples like a loaf of bread, a carton of milk, or a bag of cookies.

But what if you could leverage impulse-driven orders in your favor?

Let’s say it’s a Friday night and a neighbor in your building orders up some chocolate chip ice cream and a box of sugar cones using their favorite delivery app — Instacart, Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.

But guess what?

You happen to use that very same app too. Now let’s say the app also knows you buy ice cream once a month too based on your previous order history.

So even before a driver gets tasked to make the delivery, the app pings you to see if you want in on some ice cream too — but at the “25% neighbor discount” — and then continues to ping everyone else in your building too.

Now all of a sudden, for what used to be slim margins for picking, pulling, driving, and delivering items for a single order — the margins start to quickly track higher based on the increased volume of orders.

Think about it. It’s kind of a win-win for everybody.

Shoppers get to treat themselves to some ice cream on the cheap. The driver needs only to make a single delivery trip out. And the store saves a ton on labor for having to only pull all the same items just once.

In short, it’s group purchasing at its best, but tailored around an individual’s impulse-driven buying of the foods they love to eat!

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